Whatever background you have, whatever family you have, whatever opinion of birth you have, whatever love, whatever fear — whatever you bring to the table I will support you. You might be a 4th time mama who knows she’d like a doula to support her birthing time. You might be a first time mama with not a lot of idea about what a doula really does or how I can help you. You might be a curious partner worried about how to best assist your baby’s mother during this brilliant time. You might be single, married, outgoing, shy, young, old, gay, straight, adopting, aborting, planning a homebirth, planning a cesarean, or you may be something completely different. WHOEVER YOU ARE I will strive to provide you with whatever you need to make life easier – both during labor and postpartum. My main goals are to ensure that you feel comfortable and educated in the choices you will make; that your birth is as calm and stress free as possible; that your home is warm and welcoming to baby (with a family that doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the stress and burden of the day to day) and that you feel satisfied with your experience. It is a true honor to be requested in to your birthing space and your home. I will always strive to be a soothing presence of understanding and support. Whoever you are.


Having a doula at your birth has proven to: give a higher satisfaction with the birth experience; improve communication with the medical team; shorten labor; reduce levels of fear and anxiety; lower cesarean rates; reduce the need for vacuum or forceps assistance; reduce pain medication and epidural rate; lower levels of stress hormones; provide a higher rate of successful breastfeeding; lower the rate of postpartum depression; and improve parent-baby bonding. All while reassuring you and giving advice and love without judgment! I would love to rally behind you and support your birth and postpartum experience and bring as much sincere care and warmth to you as possible.

Sweet new family enjoying the miracle of life

This pregnancy is a true joy and I want you to be able to enjoy every moment you can! Let me be a part of your team, a part of your “village”!

~Lauren, an Earthy Doula




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