As your doula or nanny I come into your life with open ears, a warm heart, and nonjudgmental support. I care for and support mamas, their babies, and the rest of their family. In my home we breastfed and co-slept among other “attached” practices and while I believe in these concepts for my family wholeheartedly, my role is to help your family develop your own customs and be strong and confident – during your birthing time and all that follows.



A little more about me…I am mum to one sweet little boy, stepmum to a smart & handsome 13 year-old,  and wife to a beautiful soul. We live in west Sonoma County & I offer services to anyone in my surrounding areas (feel free to inquire regardless of your whereabouts).


As a family we enjoy playing at the river and creeks, exploring the coast, hiking, camping, visiting family, throwing frisbee, watching movies, participating in local farms, and cooking meals together with our friends and neighbors! Here are some of our family photos…


Ice Cream at the Bank Vault in Guerneville

Exploring a creek!

Sunset at Goat Rock Beach


Graffiti Castle in Austin, TX

Graffiti Castle in Austin, TX

Looking for seals at the coast

Looking for seals at the coast in Monterey



Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Harvesting veggies from a school garden

Harvesting veggies from a school garden


Our wedding day

When I gave birth to my son I hired my own sweet, loving birth doula. I chose a hospital setting for my first birth because I didn’t know what to expect. Looking back, while it was a great experience, I just wish I would’ve known how strong I really was and would’ve had the confidence to birth at home!


Birthing my child completely opened my eyes to my passion… I thrive on seeing individuals come together to become families! Couples turning into parents, children becoming brothers and sisters, first time grandparents… all such a sweet pleasure to witness.


I started my career as a birth professional by assisting families as a mother’s helper and then a volunteer birth doula at the Santa Rosa birth center and local hospitals. Now I am an active, full time doula –certified as both a Holistic Birth Doula & a CBI Postpartum Doula. I am also trained in placenta encapsulation.


Occasionally I work with families later down the road as a CPR certified nanny. I also hold certificates from these classes: Infant Specialist, Hypnobirthing for Professionals, Midwifery Assistance, and Neonatal Resuscitation. All of these jobs tie together allowing me to be a part of a bigger thing — our community! Meeting families and making friends along the way is one  of the best parts of my work.



I know what it is to need and receive loving support and empowerment & now it is in me to pass this along to other mamas in any way I can. Birth is a natural part of life. You can do it. You are strong enough. You are woman enough!

~Lauren, an Earthy Doula







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