I am available to assist you as soon as you would like. Please contact me whether you are newly pregnant, expecting soon.. or already home with your new bundle!

Teddy loves his doula!

Teddy loves his doula!

Every family deserves the birth they envision. I strive to help you achieve that in many ways. I provide a lot of information to my clients… Whatever resources you might be looking for, let me help you research and answer some of your questions. Let’s talk through your options together! I then care for you and your partner/family during labor in the way a calm, motherly woman can; bringing my loving energy (and my bag of tricks) to help you remain grounded, comfortable, and calm; and always supporting you through your choices, even if the going gets tough. Afterwards I support you with some help around the house, providing a friendly face to share with, and encouraging that important bonding time to be solely with your baby – these things are crucial. The most important things for a new mum to worry about are simply resting and caring for her infant. Having help for the first 10 days postpartum was such a life saver for me, and I’d love to help ease that transition for your family too!

An outstanding vbac experience with a beautiful, loving family.

An outstanding vbac experience with a beautiful, loving family.

The services I offer include (but are not limited to):


– A free phone consultation or no-obligation face-to-face meeting to see if we are a good fit

– 2+ prenatal meetings to discuss your hopes and desires, questions, concerns, etc and assistance writing your birth plan

– 24/7 contact via phone or email

– Access to my large lending library of books, cds, and dvds

– On call for your birth from 38weeks on

-Back up doula support in the case of an emergency or my being at another labor. On your day of labor you will not be left without support. 

– Labor support in your home until ready to transfer (if birthing out of home), then support during transfer and continued until birth. I will encourage movement and body-friendly labor, provide counter pressure massage, physical and emotional support, and warmly support & encourage your partner to be as involved as they’d like

– Labor and birth photography and log, as desired

– Up to two hours immediate postpartum support to help with photographs, initial breastfeeding, answering questions, and getting you settled (at this point I will leave – and coordinate placenta pick up for processing if you so choose)

– Two postpartum visits once you are ready for my presence (typically in the first few days but whenever you decide is fine) to check on breastfeeding progress, provide general newborn tips, answer questions, and give reassurance (I am also a postpartum doula and can provide further assistance as needed)

-Invitation to follow me on social media for continued resources, events, and connection 

I am an encouraging spirit and loving woman to lean on. Laboring women are so strong and beautiful! I believe your body WILL birth the perfect baby it has grown specifically for you.


IMG9508581An amazing birth experience.

Pure beauty


As a certified postpartum doula I educate and strengthen your whole family. By giving you support and relieving some of your stress, I can help reduce your risk of postpartum depression. I will help you find time to sleep, make sure you eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated, and will provide you with information and emotional support. I will also support the rest of your family by providing your partner and family with information on how to help care for you and the new baby. I can also care for the newborn(s) to allow you extra time to spend one-on-one with the other members of your family or by yourself. All of my services will help welcome the baby in to your family in a healthy way, providing greater happiness and stress relief for all. This support can all occur at night if you would like infant care while you sleep.


Specific activities vary from family to family but often include:

-Light housekeeping: wipe down counters, sweep floors, dishes, laundry, picking up the house, organizing the nursery, and more. I am open to cooking for you or the whole family. I can also prepare meals ahead while in your home.

-Newborn care: I can help you by coaching bath time, diaper changes, offering feeding and calming tips, explaining what is developmentally appropriate at certain ages, and more.

-Basic breastfeeding support: positioning and latching tips, answers to common questions to help you feel confident that baby is doing well.

-Mother care: preparing sitz baths, herbal remedies, providing emotional support, reflect on the birth, keeping you well fed and hydrated, helping you to get some rest (I will take care of your newborn for as little or as long as you like. Take a nap, take a bath, go get a massage… whatever you need)

-Errand running: I can do this with you and baby, or you can provide a list and I do it for you. I can help you on outings to the Dr., grocery store, picking up dry cleaning, bringing children to appointments or activities, and more.

-Other tasks to be agreed upon by us both, including sibling care as needed.



As a full spectrum doula I literally provide support for women and their families across the “full reproductive spectrum”. My support may include care during the time of a miscarriage, an abortion, an adoption, a still birth, a surrogacy birth, or any other time a woman finds herself needing more support. I believe all women deserve respect and love during these huge times of transition. Similarly to the other doula care I give, I do not provide any medical or clinical care to you and your family. Instead I will be able to support you emotionally, physically, and with information and resources. This type of care can look different for each family and will be tailored to fit your needs. This type of care also makes a great gift from friends and family who are looking to help and aren’t sure the best ways to do so.


Childcare During Your Birth 


When you are welcoming your second or subsequent children, having professional and reliable care planned out for your other child(ren) is crucial. Allowing you to focus on labor, you can call me – any time day or night- and know your baby’s sibling(s) are in great hands! I can keep up with your school/day/bedtime routines, cook meals, run laundry, bring your older child(ren) to visit you at your place of birth, and keep in touch with you as desired during the experience.

Nanny Care


Once baby has arrived parents often find themselves needing one on one support for their newborn as they return to work or get back to their otherwise busy lives. Being someone you’ve grown to trust around your birthing time, I would love to continue our relationship by becoming your nanny. I have a true love for babies and older kiddos too. I typically work in your home and take care of other tasks such as tidying, laundry, and dishes while caring for your children. The needs of each family will always be slightly different and I will help your family however you need. This may include school drop off/pick up, running errands, making meals, or staying home day to day with your newborn. Whatever you need I will strive to complete tasks as you’d do yourself. I will always feed, bathe, change, diaper, play, swaddle, interact, teach, etc in the manner you prefer. I will adapt to your ways of parenting to keep your child feeling safe and comforted and your home running as normal! I pride myself on being safety conscious, an open communicator, reliable, responsible, nurturing, flexible, organized, creative, and fun!

Placenta Encapsulation


Your placenta is a magnificent new organ that was created during your pregnancy. While it obviously does amazing work while baby is in utero, the placenta can be very beneficial after birth as well! Mammals all over the world consume their placenta after birth and nowadays popularity & curiosity are increasing in modern women as research and anecdotal information begins to arise. The placenta is filled with warmth and healing energy as well as proteins, iron, and beneficial hormones. All of these yummy substances (like oxytocin, prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, etc) can help:

  • Stabilize postpartum mood and decrease or preDSC_0229-001vent postpartum depression
  • Decrease pain
  • Promote healing
  • Boost energy and decrease fatigue
  • Regulate cramping after birth and greatly reduce postpartum bleeding
  • Normalize and stimulate libido
  • Promote lactation, enhance the breastfeeding let-down reflex and increase milk supply
  • Enhance the mothering instinct and increase bonding in mother and infant
  • Counteract stress hormones
  • Support recovery from stressful events
  • Reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Support the immune system
  • Help uterus return to pre-pregnancy size
  • Combat anemia by replenishing maternal iron stores

When I facilitate encapsulation of a placenta there are two methods which my clients may choose from. The Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) which integrates warmth by steaming before dehydration, or the raw method which forgoes steaming and is simply a process of dehydration. With either method, your placenta will be encapsulated into pills which can provide benefits for the duration of their 2 year shelf life. I let your encapsulator know when you have birthed and facilitate pick up for you within the first hours after birth and the process begins. (During pregnancy I will provide you with the contact information for a placenta facilitator in your area so that you can set up service with her.) We always take the highest precautions to keep your placenta safe and clean. Every placenta is treated with respect and incorporates our love and energy into the work. Once complete (typically a 1-3 day turn around) your encapsulator will bring the capsules to you either at home or at your place of birth. If you would like a portion of the placenta kept for smoothies, a tincture, chocolate truffles, or a salve we will accommodate your needs. Typical price for pills is $250 raw method, $275 TCM, $300 for some of each (50/50). Additional pricing info for tincture, smoothies, etc can be found by contacting the encapsulators mentioned above.

*This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. The services I provide are not intended to treat or diagnose any condition. Families who choose to encapsulate take full responsibility for researching placenta consumption and using their capsules mindfully.




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